24 februari 2011

Today's outfit

In this post I show you guys what I was wearing today. Wearing my Zara leather jacket, H&M blouse and sweater, Forever 21 wedges. The jeans is from a store in Miami but I forgot the name. And ofcourse the MiuMiu bag, so in love with it!
I dont have school tomorrow, so my weekend already started.
Enjoy your evening.

22 februari 2011

Gucci Spring/Summer 2011

This is a post of a collection I really love in 2011. It's the Gucci Spring/Summer 2011 collection. I love the colors and the fabrics they use in this collecten. It's very inspiring for the collection I'd have to make at the end of this schoolyear. My collection is inspired by the religion 'Boudhism', so this collection of Gucci let me think of this religion. At the end of this schoolyear I'll show you the collection of my.
Enjoy your evening.

21 februari 2011

On a normal schoolday

hey bloggers, how was your day today? Mine was so exhausting, I went to school for like 8 houres, pff. But yea, so what! This is what I'm wearing, its school so I dont feel like dressing up. Im wearing my Zara cardigan, boots and jeans, H&M trenchcoat and my vintage bag. Sorry for the bad pictures, but am not feeling so well today. Enjoy your evening.

19 februari 2011


Hey bloggers, what do you think of my new ring that I bought yesterday?

17 februari 2011


Here are some shots of the streetstyle's that I love/like.
 (pictures are from other blogs)

16 februari 2011

Today's outfit

Its been a while that Ive posted an outfit .. so here are some quick shots that I took of my outfit today. I was wearing my new look trousers, zara leather jacket, h&m blouse, vintage belt, forever 21 shoes. Hope you'll like it. Enjoy your evening!

14 februari 2011

Protect me

Hey guys, I know am a lilbit early for choosing a new sunglasses ..
but better early than late. So I want you guys to help me.
Which one do you like the most, and which will fit me the best!

1. Rayban
2. Carrera
3. LV

10 februari 2011


Today I went to Antwerp/Belgium with school, we did a fashionwalk and we visited the fashionmuseum. While we had a break, I went to the vintage store 'Edision'. Its a great store, they have great stuff! So if you ever go to Antwerp, visit this vintage store!
I bought this black bowling bag, what do you think?