25 januari 2011

Random shots

Hey bloggers, sorry for not posting so much lately ..
but am so bussy with school and stuff.
Here are some random shots I took last weekend

20 januari 2011


Today, after school I bought these H&M tights
I really am into tights this moment (dont know why?!)
what do ya'll think of my new buy?

18 januari 2011

new haircolor

I love my new red haircolor ! woopwoop
what do ya'll think?

(couldn't take a good picture yet)

17 januari 2011

FAV blogger

My favorite blogger is Lilly from http://www.bleedforfashion.com/ 
I really love her style, and the way she combinate things!

16 januari 2011


Tomorrow I have a shoot for L'oréal, it's my first shoot so am very excited.
I have to do my own styling, and the theme is 'Bohemian'.
So I looked in my closet what I have that fits to this theme.
Here are some shots I took, you can't see the whole outfit ..
but you'll see this when I get the pictures of the shoot.

(this is not the only outfit, I'll wear)

15 januari 2011

On a night out

Yesterdaynight I went to a club called Noxx, there's a party every friday 'Glamrush'.
I had a great night, I was a lilbit drunk but shttttt dont tell my parents, hehe!
Here are some pictures that we took:

13 januari 2011

What time is it

Can you help me, which one I'd have to buy?
I really love them all, I can't choose! aaaa

1: Komono
2 : Ice watch
3 : Casio

on a schoolday

my schooloutfit of today :
Zara - leather jacket, pants and bag
H&M - shirt
Forever 21 - wedges

(sorry for the bad pics, couldn't take better ones)

10 januari 2011


Hey bloggers, I hope your day went good today!
My day was so exhausted, I had school today and I only slept 2hours this night ..
I was so sleepy in class.  But yea whatever, I will sleep early today (I'll try).

Yesterday I bought this vintage sweater
I loved the print and the colors, What do you think?
I'll look great with a blazer, jeans and heels.

(I could only take a campic, sorry 'bout that)

7 januari 2011

My new buy

Here is a post of my new buy !
Nike Air Jordan AJF4
I always wanted Jordans but I never found the perfect ones!
I'm so glad I found these !
What do you think?

Today's outfit

Today I went to the city with my lillte brother.
We went shopping for him, but like always I bought something to.
I bought some new sneakers, Jordans Air (I'll post a shot later).

I am wearing my Zara blouse,blazer,legging and boots
My bag is from Jennifer's.

I hope your day went great!

my closet

Here are some shots of my closet ..
I really am a shoeaddict (not all my shoes are on the shots)
I wear a lot of sneakers to, for the days I dont want to wear heels.
Sneakers are so comfortable and can be stylish when you style them right!