28 maart 2011

Color touch

This Spring and Summer is all about colors! Bright, bright colors! Normally I dont wear a lot of colors, but I really fell in love with this green blazer (Zara). What do you think about the blazer?

15 maart 2011

Sunny day

Today was a very sunny day, I was so happy .. I didnt went to school today 'cuz I was tooooo tired! Here is a better post of the things that I bought yesterday. I wear my Zara pants, shirt and cardigan + my Asos wedges + The MiuMiu bag.
Enjoy your evening.

14 maart 2011

Quick post

Hey guys, sorry for not bloging so much lately, I was very bussy. This is a quick post that I have for ya'll. After school I went to the city, I bought the earrings, the shirt and that thing for my bag .. damn forget the name?! I took the pictures with my cam, because I have a lot of work for school pfff.
Enjoy your evening!

8 maart 2011

In a Summermood

Today was a really sunny day, so I really was in a summermood. It was still cold outside, but I didnt care about that. I was wearing my H&M spring corset and blazer, Zara legging and bag + my Asos wedges.
Enjoy your evening!

1 maart 2011

on a cold day

So today was a cold day here in Belgium .. Normally I dont care if its cold or not, I always wear what I want to wear that day. I dont like wearing much clothes that's why I hate the winter. Today I decided to dress a lilbit warmer than normally. This furr jacket is from Zara and I really love to wear it, its so warm and cosy.
enjoy your evening.