7 januari 2011

my closet

Here are some shots of my closet ..
I really am a shoeaddict (not all my shoes are on the shots)
I wear a lot of sneakers to, for the days I dont want to wear heels.
Sneakers are so comfortable and can be stylish when you style them right!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey Kay!! Your blog is great!! I LOVE your Closet!! It's so good organized. Thank you for your chic votes in chicismo and your comments. I follow your blog ok?? Visits mine if you want!! Kiss&Hugs


  2. Thanks for your cmment on Chicisimo!

    Love your closet and all your booties jeje!*

    www.dressed4success.blogspot.com >;-D

  3. Hi, your blog is very lovely. I love these shoes :D
    If you want follow me and I follow you

  4. i wish i could have a closet like yours ^^